Breakfast Bowl 2011

Says Creative Loafing … “Walk into the restaurant on the weekend and you’ll likely have to wait a few minutes, although the self-serve coffee station lined with mismatched thrift store mugs makes it easy to bide your time, especially once you get a taste of the excellent joe. The thrift-store chic continues in the interior, with vintage soda advertising and an odd array of furniture arranged throughout the tiny space. It’s too well-designed to be cluttered, but still manages a seriously homey vibe.

You can get the standards here, and you should when it comes to Pinky’s incredible pancakes. Almost absurdly thick and fluffy, a short stack is a tall order that tastes even better than it looks, rich and sweet with a depth of flavor that’s often missing from even the best breakfast spots.

Pinky’s other specialties include frittatas that can be a tad dry, jalapeno grits that are almost more soup than side, sandwiches on Cuban bread that easily rival those at Banyan across the Bay, and fresh muffins still steamy from the oven. But before you decide, you’ll need to check the specials board.

On one occasion, Pinky’s decided to amp up its already excellent benedict with hollandaise fortified by tomato and thyme. The bright acidity of the tomato cut right through the rich sauce, making the golden yolk of the egg and the crisp-grilled turkey sausage shine.

And, perhaps most important of all, Pinky’s potatoes are hands-down the best of all of the Breakfast Bowl’s Final Five.

Pinky’s is the Breakfast Bowl Champion.”

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